[FS2020] - Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet G2 v2.3.5



• Model tested by real world Vision Jet pilots
• A reworked and optimized navigation suite based off of the Working Title G3000 (included in package)
• Custom V.A.M.S. (Virtual Aircraft Management System) that controls all aspects of aircraft status
• Bose Active Noise Reduction system that can be activated right from the V.A.M.S
• Three different seating configurations that match its real-life counter part (Executive, Family and Complete)
• Custom-built Initialization Screen
• Custom G3000 integrated checklists
• Dynamic aircraft registration appears on placard, Primary Flight Display, aircraft storage cover, and chocks
• Radio frequency IDs built into the PFD
• Engine and Aircraft performance pages
• Accurate interior/exterior lighting design, including the iconic courtesy lights setup
• Accurate two-step start procedure synonymous to the Vision Jet
• Revamped fuel reporting system to mimic the real-life aircraft
• Selectable ground power unit with custom audio
• Interactive luggage and loading system with prepopulated weights and trip selections
• Custom emergency gear deployment system
• Integrated CAS messages and audio warnings