[MSFS] - iniBuilds – EIKY Kerry Airport v1.0.0


Kerry Airport in County Kerry, Ireland. The airport itself is served by Ryanair, with approximately 340,000 passengers using the regional facility per year.

Our high-quality rendition features a detailed terminal building complimented with a custom interior, accurate taxi signage, bespoke ground polys and textures and more to enhance your experience.


• Level of Detail (LOD) optimisation for every model to encourage the best performance possible
• Compiled and optimised for Xbox Series X and S*
• Custom airside and landside ground polygons with accurate texturing
• Corrected tree masking on airport surrounds
• Hand placed, in-house designed car models, light posts, vegetation and buildings
• Taxi signs as they are in the real world
• Bespoke airside rendition with bespoke objects and ground markings