[XP11] - BiologicalNanobot - Enhanced Skyscapes 2021.10.24 (24/10 Update)


Known for his work on Enhanced Cloudscapes, BiologicalNanobot has released his new Enhanced Skyscapes. The new weather rendering engine for X-Plane includes improved Enhance Cloudscapes clouds as well as full-sky rendering utilising procedural shader-based techniques.

Enhanced Cloudscapes was first released in July 2020 as a fully freeware cloud add-on for X-Plane, featuring fully volumetric clouds and has since then grown as one of the most used cloud add-ons for the simulator platform. 

BiologicalNanobot states that the new weather engine should not have a large impact on FPS and may even improve upon FPS that users may have experienced using Enhanced Cloudscapes.

“Enhanced Skyscapes is a visual solution for X-Plane 11, replacing default sky and clouds with realistic procedural shader-based sky and fully volumetric clouds.”

How to install:

1) Paste the "Enhanced Skyscapes" folder to your

   plugins "X:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins"