[MSFS] - MilViz – PC–6 Porter v1.0.8


– NXi compatibility adjustments
– NXi EIS pages
– In-air reversing bug fix (still shouldn’t be done, but won’t cause craziness now)
– Product manual changes
– Tundra tires act as (small) floats
– Minor fixes
– SU6 compatibility tweaks
– G1000 mod removed (no longer needed due to SU6)
– Backup altimeter independently adjustable (SU6 only)
– Adjustment to glideslope pid’s
– Yaw stability increased
– Max engine torque increased to allow over-torque
– Implement failure for engine over-torque
– ITT adjustments to accommodate engine over-torque
– ITT general tuning
– Revised normal fuel pressure
– Revised fuel flow slightly downwards
– Fuel management page added to tablet
– Skydiving setup added to tablet
– Fix to allow internal lighting to be viewed from the external viewpoint
– Increased landing light strength
– Adjusted alignment of aileron trim indicator
– Adjust left rear door response to airflow
– Revised animation of storm window + latch
– Minor checklist logic fixes for trim ‘green band’ detection
– Product manual page additions
– Remove wasm service
– Performance edits to tablet
– Rudder trim linkage fix
– Two new liveries added to package
– Edits to product manual
We learned a lot making our first aircraft for MSFS2020, and we are determined to make each release stretch the envelope of what is possible within the the base platform limits.
Second aircraft for 2020

Building on our experience in MSFS2020 with the FG-1D Corsair, we have managed to bring more features, a deeper immersive experience, and more fun to the Porter.

The accurate and highly detailed 3D model blends delightfully with the visual realism offered by MSFS2020.
You can tell we’re proud of it right? But it’s the flight model of which we are especially proud.
Working with real-life Porter pilots has let us get down to the nitty-gritty of perfectly emulated performance.
We know you want to do that tricky stuff like beta braked short runway shenanigans as per Air America, or slow diving with skydivers, and the good news is that with the Milviz PC6, you can!

Pull the power lever down to engage Beta mode and turn that huge prop into a barn-door air brake. Lift the lever over the gate and the prop will reverse pitch – for ground use only! It all works just like the real thing!