Tecnam P2010 v1.3.0


– QuickView Instrument 05 (Pedestal) has been redefined in order to be more effective during checklist execution
– Interactive checklist improved with new instruments highlighting and control steps
– Several cabin and fuselage improvements
– Added missing second exhaust pipe
– Added more cabin Internal PBR textures to PaintKit to allow easier customization
– Tuned interior textures settings for better roughness and emissive appearance
– Updated interior textures for SP1 (credits to jackzyg), Blue and Grey and SP4 (old New Paint renamed) liveries
– Improved external textures (credits to jackzyg)
– Full support of VR controllers (“VR controllers are not fully supported on this plane.” warning message no more shown)
– Corrected AP Master switch behavior (now only enabling/disabling the AP)
– Corrected AP/Disc Trim yoke push button (now disabling the elevator trim and disengaging the AP while pressed)
– Corrected Trim Disc switch behavior (now enabling/disabling the elevator trim)
– Implemented external power management (linked to GPU visibility)
– Corrected central gear compression factor (now the aircraft can suffer shuddering under some conditions) and added compression animation
– Replaced MTV 12B/183-59 wood/composite 3-blade propeller with the MTV 15B/193-52 wood/composite 2-blade propeller
– Corrected G1000 reference speeds
– Tuned engine and flight dynamics parameters also enabling CFD flight