[FS2020] - Toolbar Pushback Pro v1.0.2


Plan your pushback conveniently in the simulator while you prepare your aircraft or tow your aircraft out of the maintenance hangar to carry out a test flight. All options are available to you: pushback, push-in and towing. Operation of all functions is possible via keyboard and mouse, VR controller or Xbox controller.

Toolbar Pushback Pro is the further development of the well-known freeware Toolbar Pushback. The Pro version has been re-developed from the ground up to be up-to-date for the future and to simplify further developments.

The audio playback was switched to Wwise and the texts have been completely re-recorded. Depending on the language setting and the selected location, the accent of the interactive text changes. The tool’s operation has been optimized in many areas to speed up time-critical processes and ensure full compatibility with VR hardware and Xbox controllers.