[FS2020] - Tecnam P2012


Experience the thrill of flying the Tecnam P2012 Traveller with the highly detailed Microsoft Flight Simulator extension. This DLC is based on a real-world reference aircraft and offers an accurate replica of the Tecnam P2012 with FADEC controlled Lycoming engines, giving you a cruise speed of 170 KTAS.

The FSS product features numerous animations, including aircraft doors, cockpit switches, buttons, and knobs, walkaround items and several cabin types. The developer team has also included a paper checklist in addition to the built-in MSFS checklist system.
With Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials and highly detailed textures including decals, this version offers a perfect visual replica of the real counterpart – including the most popular real-world liveries. The package also offers skydiver and special mission versions, allowing you to experience the aircraft in different configurations.

The DLC also integrates native MSFS features such as icing visualization and rain effects, providing an even more realistic flying experience. Take to the skies in the Tecnam P2012!


  • Accurate replica of the Tecnam P2012 based on a real reference aircraft
    • Airliner
    • Cargo
    • Combi
    • Medevac 1 stretcher
    • Medevac 2 stretcher
    • Skydive
    • Special Mission Platform
  • Numerous animations, including:
    • Aircraft doors
    • Cockpit switches, buttons & knobs
    • Walkaround items incl. Tie-downs
    • Paper checklist
  • Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials for a perfect visual result
  • Highly detailed textures for special clarity including decals
  • Several real world liveries included
  • Integration of native MSFS features like
    • Icing visualization
    • Rain effects


  • Customized version of the G1000 NXI by Working Title
    • Custom CAS messages
    • Custom engine page
    • Working FMS Keyboard
  • Wasm coded FADEC for Lycoming TEO-540-C1A
    • EECS Pre-Flight-Test included
  • GMC710 autopilot
  • Mission power and air condition system
  • TKS ice protection system
  • Wasm coded standby instrument
  • Custom EFB tablet including:
    • Aircraft options
    • Ground Power Unit
    • Engine Pre-Heater
    • Moving Map with flightplan
    • Weight & Balance settings
    • Walkaround
    • Panel State loading
    • Dynamic cabin switching
    • FSS Mission Hub