[FS2020] - Fly the Maddog X MD–82 & MD–83/MD–88 Expansion v1.2.0b183


Fly the Maddog X is one of the most sophisticated and complex add-on ever developed for the MD-82, built after the McDonnel Douglas MD-80 series.

Fly the Maddog X features advanced, study level aircraft systems that cannot be matched by any standard aircraft; it can be flown by following the operations manual of the real aircraft. We even encourage you to use such documentation to experience the level of detail that has been accomplished with this aircraft. Fly the Maddog X also features the undocumented intriguing details that real pilots experience when flying the real aircraft.

MD-83 and MD88 Expansion:

Experience the higher loading capacity and the extended range operations of the MD-83 and MD-88 variants!

• JT8D-219 engines with specific and accurate flight dynamics
• Additional fuel tanks and Aux Fuel Pump system for the MD-83, with accurate burning schedule
• Automatic fuel balance system
• Updated load manager tool for fuel/load and route planning
• Updated MD-83 and MD-88 virtual cockpit, with specific MD-83 and MD-88 systems, instruments, and switches