[FS2020] - A10–C Thunderbolt II v5.2.24


The A-10C Thunderbolt II is the first Air Force aircraft specially designed for close air support of ground forces. They are simple, effective and survivable twin-engine jet aircraft that can be used to against light maritime attack aircraft and all ground targets, including tanks and other armored vehicles.


• Custom High Quality 3D Model
• Custom 4K PBR Textures
• Custom High Ouality Sounds
• Fully animated pilot
• Fully animated engines
• Fully animated control surfaces
• Animated and working refueling Probe
• Canopy opens & closes and also has a canopy jettison feature
• Covers when in cold/dark mode
• Acrobat fumes
• Vapor trails and g-vapors
• Customizable Pilot name
• Multiplayer Smokes and WingTip Vortex
• Interior cabin fully animated that was been designed above all for a VR use that makes the flight experience amazing
• The flight model has been carefully studied and tested in order to recreate the incredible maneuvering capabilities of the JAS39 with FBW and automatic Flaps and Slats
• The aircraft is supplied with 12 magnificent liveries