[FS2020] - FSR500 v1.0.13


Bringing this aircraft to Microsoft Flight Simulator has been a work of passion for me and the team here at FSReborn and everything in this aircraft has been made with love and attention to detail. We wanted to bring the community something unique – a high fidelity aircraft with great system depth allowing core simmers to closely follow real-world procedures, but also something that was intuitive, highly configurable and fun to fly.

FSR500 has been developed using the latest tools available in MSFS, including the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) flight modelling. The development of the FSR500 was made in partnership with pilots who fly single engine turboprops of a similar specification in real-life and the aircraft is as faithful as possible to the systems and performance typical for this class of light, pressurised cabin single-engine turboprops.