[FS2020] - Bucker Bu–131 Jungmann v1.3.3


This version of the Bücker Bü-131B by Lionheart Creations is the Swiss model which 99 units were produced in Switzerland. This particular ‘flight simulation model’ shows you a ‘modernized version’ of one that would be typically owned and ‘modified’ to todays standards, which includes fitting of radios (COM1 and Transponder) and NAV lights for night flying.

The Jungmann Bu-131B features 14 different liveries. I sought to make them all look totally different from each other. I also wanted to reflect how they changed from the original. These represent ‘todays’ Bucker Bu-131’s, not the exact original. These represent planes that would realistically have been modded through the many decades of ownership through several owners hands. I have included show planes, rough planes, and what appear to be training planes from the WWII era.