[FS2020] - Boeing 767–300ER v1.1.0


The Boeing 767 is one of the most sold jets by the American manufacturer. Of the different variants produced, the -300ER variant is by far the most popular one to date. With a long range of 11 000 km and a normal seat configuratrion of 225 seats it fits well into the category, often called “the middle of the market”, between the bigger jets like the 747, and the smaller ones like the 737.

First purchased by American Airlines, the type began regular flights in 1988. With ETOPS certifications the jet has been popular flying across the atlantic, and you may still see them flying these routes, all these years later. In 2014 the last 767-300ER passenger variant was delivered after many years of production, and as of 2023, 29 airlines still use them in their operations. Being such an important plane for the aviation industry, it has also found it’s place among flight simmers.

The RHDSimulations 767-300ER for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has been made from start to fit the quality standards of this new generation flight simulator.


• 767-300ER equipped with General Electric CF6 engines
• Options for both winglets and original wingtips
• Both 6 main exits/2 emergency exits and 4 main exits/4 emergency exits door configurations included
• Accurate modeling of exterior, flight deck and cabin with attention to every detail
• 4K/8K PBR textures for the whole aircraft
• True to life animations of flight surfaces, landing gear components and doors
• Wingflex animations with smooth and dynamic bending
• Custom animations of various cockpit elements like side windows, seats and armrests
• Authentic flight model
• Customized sounds for both engines, cockpit room tone, and for custom animations
• Modified cockpit screens, to replicate the real aircraft
• Simple IRS system and heater functions included
• Realistic fuel system, with custom fuel indicator screens
• Custom dynamic cockpit lighting
• Working seatbelt and no smoking lights in cabin
• Engine and wing effects, like contrails, engine heat, and vortices
• Full support for MSFS ground equipment
• Support for the native startup checklist
• 21 included liveries from all continents

Though being to a large degree customized, most systems of the 767 has its roots in default Asobo aircrafts, such as the 747.

It’s worth noting, with so many addons on the market, that this is not supposed to be a true to life replica of the 767 and that not all functions of the real life aircraft are featured in this addon.