[P3D5] - iFly Jets - 737-MAX8 and 8-200 V.


The 737-MAX8 and 8-200 is the iFly development team's most advanced aircraft to date. This product is exclusive to Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v5.3+ and takes "study leveling" to a whole new level. The iFly developer team started from scratch for the 737-MAX8... it was completely built from scratch. Aircraft systems, Virtual Cockpit, exterior model, texturing, sounds have all been meticulously modeled. A team of over 15 developers, MAX pilots and technical advisors participated to make this one of the most advanced simulations ever released for PC. Sounds were recorded on a MAX, along with extensive use of video and photos from programmers, pilots and advisory staff. Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v5 is an incredible simulation that enables some of the most advanced flight modeling and systems simulation possible on any platform. The iFly development team took full advantage of the capabilities of the Prepar3D v5 platform to maximize the appearance and performance of this aircraft. With highly accurate cockpit and systems simulation, modeling and texturing, along with extensive ground support capabilities with push back, we believe this will give you the ultimate MAX experience. The product was flight tested for hundreds of hours by real MAX8 pilots to bring the precision needed for this simulation. Extensive aircraft configurations are available through the MyFleet configuration tool, including jet engine classification types. You can configure the aircraft to match your favorite airline options. The Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) controls aircraft functions through the SIMU menu. Additionally, you can view graphs (Navigraph required), airport taxi layouts, and calculate aircraft performance values. The ultra-high-resolution virtual cockpit makes the cockpit extremely readable on your monitor. It is also an ideal simulation for those using Virtual Reality headsets.