[FS2020] - Zinertek – Aircraft Realistic Lights v1.0.3


Aircraft Realistic Lights is a comprehensive package that instantly upgrades the external lights of ALL default aircraft and rotorcraft included in the Standard, Deluxe, Premium, and 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator! In addition, this product also enhances the lights of the default AI aircraft (offline and real-time) resulting in more realistic traffic around you at night. This add-on enhances the lights of over 80+ aircraft and their liveries including many of the additional aircraft released by Microsoft such as the Airbus A310, ATR42-600/ATR72-600, Antonov AN-225, F/A 18 Super Hornet, Boeing 307 Stratoliner, DHC-4 Caribou, Latécoère 631, and many more! (see full list below)