[FS2020] - South Oak Co – Real Effects: B747–8i v1.1.0


**This package is for the default 747-8i and works with most 747 liveries and other enhancement packs, including the Salty Simulations 747 modification. Please view the complete user-guide to understand the correct conditions in which these effects will display via the website: https://www.southoakco.com/real-effects/7478i Introducing “Real Effects” – Elevate Your Flight Simulator Experience to Unprecedented Realism!  Prepare for a groundbreaking leap in flight simulation with “Real Effects,” the ultimate add-on designed to breathe life into your virtual cockpit. This cutting-edge enhancement injects an array of meticulously crafted, physics-based effects into your flight simulator, delivering an unparalleled level of realism that will leave you in awe.