[MSFS] - A1R Design Bureau – A1R SH–2 v1.0.0

 The A1R Sh-2 (Shavrov-2) is a single-engine light amphibious aircraft with retractable landing gear. It has a wooden monocoque fuselage with a plywood skin, a biplane configuration wing with a lower wing that is shorter in span than the upper wing. Wings have a wooden construction, with spruce spars and plywood ribs, and were covered with fabric. The aircraft’s amphibious capabilities allowed it to reach locations that were inaccessible by other means of transportation. Its rugged construction and simple design made it easy to maintain and repair in the field, which was important for expeditions to remote areas. Some variants were highly modified for specific expeditions, such as adding extra fuel tanks for longer range, or installing specialized equipment for scientific research.