[MSFS] - Orbx – ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport v1.0.0

 This major release is Finn’s 6th Norwegian destination for Microsoft Flight Simulator and is by far the biggest in terms of scale and details. Also referred to as Oslo Gardermoen Airport or simply Gardermoen, the airport services the capital and most populous city of Norway and was opened in October 1998. The airport connects Oslo to over 160 destinations worldwide with the domestic network mainly operated by SAS and Norwegian. Many of the international destinations are around Europe, so you can frequent popular destinations such as Dublin, Edinburgh, Prague and Lisbon.  Expect to see detailed modelling and texturing of the terminal and surrounding buildings and hangars, all of which have been based on location photography. The projected mesh groundpoly reflects the current airport layout with custom taxiway lighting and movement signs.  The airport is a busy scene with animated vehicles such as buses, service vehicles and trains. Animated and functional pushbacks replace the sim default model with a bespoke one modelled on the real-life tug. Airline codes have been assigned to gates to ensure the best experience when using 3rd party AI traffic apps. All finished with integrated VDGS and animated complex jetways to complete the sim experience.