[MSFS] - FSimStudios – CYTZ Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport v1.2.1

 Warning: This airport conflicts with Asobo Studio CYTZ airport, only use one of the two (FSimStudios recommended). Note: To remove static aircraft (Porter Q400), rename the following files:  • fsimstudios-airport-cytz-billy-bishop\scenery\airport.bgl -> airport.bgl.static • fsimstudios-airport-cytz-billy-bishop\scenery\airport.bgl.noStatic -> airport.bgl  Note: To remove detailed building interiors, rename the following files:  • fsimstudios-airport-cytz-billy-bishop\scenery\TerminalInterior.bgl -> TerminalInterior.bgl.interior • fsimstudios-airport-cytz-billy-bishop\scenery\TerminalInterior.bgl.noInterior -> TerminalInterior.bgl  Note: To remove 3D People, rename the file at “fsimstudios-airport-cytz-billy-bishop\scenery\People.bgl” to “People.bgl.off”.  Note: To enable compatibility with “Roman Design: Greater Toronto Area Enhancement” add-on, rename the file at “fsimstudios-airport-cytz-billy-bishop\scenery\CNTower.bgl” to “CNTower.bgl.off”.


Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (IATA: YTZ, ICAO: CYTZ) is a regional airport located on the Toronto Islands in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ranked Canada’s ninth busiest airport, and the sixth-busiest Canadian airport that serves the U.S. The airport is known for its location in Downtown Toronto, and the operations Hub for Porter Airlines. The airport is used for regional airline service, including transborder flights, and general aviation, including medical evacuation flights (due to its proximity to downtown hospitals), small charter flights, and private aviation. Under its operating agreement, jet aircraft are banned from the airport, with the exception of MEDEVAC flights. A proposed runway extension to accommodate small jets (CRJs and CS100s) was proposed but later canceled.