[MSFS/P3D] - Fabio Merlo – Flight Control Replay v5.0.2212.27

 FlightControlReplay 5 is the most complete software to record and play flight situation in : 

• Microsoft Flight Simulator 

• Prepar3D v5.X  This is a new generation tool that will greatly enhance your experience. Use it for a simple and quick replay for your personal use, or produce high quality content for your community !  New features of Version 5:  

• User Interface 2022 (MSFS + P3D) 

• Customizable Size and Transparency (MSFS + P3D) 

• MSFS Toolbar integration and in-game controls (MSFS only) • Cinematic Replay with Automatic Cameras Switch (MSFS only) 

• GhostPlane: formation flying live with AI duet pilot (MSFS + P3D) 

• PMDG and Fenix A320 MSFS Support (MSFS only) 

• Next gen memory management for performance upgrade (MSFS + P3D) • Landing Touchdown Report (MSFS + P3D) 

• Crash-to-desktop recovery 

• Easy setup of the software 

• MSFS users: all included in 1 automatic setup 

• P3D users: the same 1 automatic setup and 2 Microsoft separate packages are required, free download for Windows.