[MSFS] - Miltech Simulations – MV–22B Osprey v1.1.0

 The MV-22B Osprey is a tiltrotor, VSTOL (Vertical/short takeoff and landing), multi-mission aircraft, developed to fill multi-service combat operational requirements. The MV-22B replaced Marine Corps assault helicopters in the medium lift category (CH-46E and CH-53D), contributing to the dominant maneuver of the Marine landing force, as well as supporting focused logistics in the days following commencement of an amphibious operation. The V-22B has other variants, such as the CV-22B, developed for the US Air Force. Other variants for the Royal Navy, Anti-submarine Warfare and Search and Rescue have been proposed. The aircraft is manned by a pilot, copilot, and enlisted aircrew appropriate for the specific service and type of mission being flown. The V-22 is optimized to transport troops (i.e., 24 combat-equipped Marines, or 10,000 pounds of external cargo) to austere landing sites from aviation capable amphibious ships and expeditionary forward operating bases ashore. The V-22 would be capable of flying over 2,100 nautical miles with one aerial refueling, giving the Services the advantage of a Vertical/Short Takeoff and Landing aircraft that can rapidly self-deploy to any location in the world.  The V-22 is currently operated by the United States Marine Corps (MV-22B), United States Navy (CMV22B), United States Air Force (CV-22B) and Japan Self-Defense Forces (MV-22B). Israel, India and Indonesia have considered acquiring the aircraft for their own military operations. All Osprey variants feature slightly different fuel capacities and configurations, but the design of the aircraft and systems does not change.