[MSFS] - Top Mach Studios – F–22A Raptor (Premium) v1.1.5

 The F-22A is a single-seat, twin-engine, all-weather stealth tactical fighter aircraft developed exclusively for the United States Air Force (USAF). Known around the world for its unique shape, remarkable tactical supermanoeuvring and supersonic cruise capabilities, and its devastating ability to dominate adversary aircraft, the F-22A is the world’s most capable operational fifth generation air superiority fighter. The world’s most advanced operational air superiority / air dominance fighter presents a challenge for any flight simulation developer. A passion project of ours, the Top Mach Studios team has dedicated over two years of research and development to the development of this model for Microsoft Flight Simulator and in doing so we have pushed the limits of what is possible in the sim. We are proud to present this highly capable, highly detailed and highly functional replica of the F-22A to the MSFS community. You’ll find this aircraft model, our first effort to produce a premium quality aircraft for flight simulation, to be an absolute thrill and a true joy to fly in MSFS. We hope you’ll have at least as much fun flying the Raptor as much as we’ve had making it.  We can say with certainty that nothing available for MSFS flies like this aircraft model or can perform the manoeuvres it is capable of. We’re confident it will provide sim pilots of all abilities a variety of piloting challenges for many hours of entertainment and enjoyment.  Model features and capabilities  Much about the F-22A is still classified; even basic details about the cockpit layout, instrumentation and screens is still protected as United States Government secret information and privileged only to those with appropriate clearances. We’ve done our best, utilising publicly available images, videos, graphics, statements by the USAF, pilots and engineers, and publicly known specifications, to replicate what we know about the F-22A. However, regardless of any inaccuracies or omissions, we’ve rendered a highly capable and entertaining, and very realistic feeling model of the F-22A on the basis of the information available to us.