[MSFS] - ATSimulations – MC–15 Cri–Cri v2.0.7

The smallest twin engine aircraft ever made. All-aluminium, fast, maneuverable machine, but not a mass production one. On the contrary it is supposed as a kit plane which is not easy to build actually. Designed by Michel Colomban in 70th. • Accurate exterior and virtual cockpit 3D models done in 3ds max. • Ultra-high resolution textures: three 4096×4096 exterior diffuse+specular+reflections+bump maps. • Unique sound of two stroke JPX PUL 212 engines. • Three models included: piston engines, jet engines and float-equipped. • Nine different liveries included. • Some visual features like pilot hide (provide no pilot weight in MSFS load manager) and camping tent (set parking brakes, turn engines off and click on tent pack).