[MSFS] - REX Simulations – REX Real Global Airport Textures v2022.06.16

 This superior NEW product will transform your flight simulation experience. Real Global Airport Textures is an all-inclusive photo-real global airport graphics environment package created from real-world counterparts. Developed in high definition, with full PBR support for stunning visuals and accurate properties.
Instantly transform 37,000+ airports worldwide with a more realistic graphics treatment. Highly detailed textures with the finest fidelity on the market, coupled with important user-selectable options help create a more realistic experience. Enhances all airports globally, including most freeware airports and custom airports in ALL versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator.
• Full PBR support
• Over 1GB of extremely detailed textures replacing the entire default texture library
• Different varieties of asphalt (taxiways, roads, rough asphalt, striped asphalt with and without damage)
• Realistic soiled aprons, all types of worn and clean runways/taxiways and taxiway markings
• 28 different types of runway surfaces
• Detailed embellishments such as cracks, dirt, bump mapping, crack filler and grooves
• Different styles of photo-based tire skid and runway rubber markings and buildup to choose from; light or heavy use
• Different styles of taxiway markings to choose from; clean or used
• Multiple types of cracked asphalt with realistic crack filler, crack decals and gravel surfaces
• A multitude of variances consisting of tarmac, macadam, bitumen, concrete slab surfaces, concrete with realistic grooving
• Multiple types of cement, with and without damage
• Surface bump mapping and bituminous surfaces
• Realistic airport ground markings and color
• Sandstone, sand, rubble mud, concrete gravel, moss and sand, ground soil surfaces, rocky and rough soil surfaces and surrounding grass surfaces
• Community folder integration for a safe and easy installation
• Most importantly… FPS-friendly!