[MSFS] - Sim Wings – GCLP Gran Canaria Airport v1.0.0.0


The Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria, which is known as the largest airport of the Canary Islands and serves as a stopover on Europe-South America flights, has now been implemented for Microsoft Flight Simulator by the developer team sim-wings.
The airport on the popular volcanic island was adapted to the default elevation model via terraforming. A runway with real elevation profile (sloped) and the apron of the airport on a lower level guarantee a realistic condition.
The virtual airport Gran Canaria comes with functional windsocks, PBR materials for all buildings and objects as well as realistically working VDGS Docking Systems with Aerosoft VDGS Modules.
• Highly detailed Gran Canaria Airport scenery
• Terraforming to blend airport into default elevation model
• Runway with real elevation profile (sloped) and on a lower level then the Apron of the airport
• Custom aerial photo for the airport, elaborate retouching and color-correction for a true display
• Intensive use of PBR Materials to build realistic surface for all Buildings and Objects
• Detailed ground markings based on recent charts of parking stands
• Extremely detailed Gran Canaria airport buildings with interior designs at apron side and infrastructure buildings
• Detailed animated jetway models with Lighteffects while moving
• Functional windsocks
• Many static apron vehicles
• Realistic night time dynamic lighting
• Real working VDGS Docking Systems with Aerosoft VDGS Modules