[MSFS] - Orbx – KBUR Hollywood Burbank Airport v2.0.0


Burbank Airport, developed by Matteo Veneziani, is one of the primary airports of the Los Angeles area, with mainline carriers flying to destinations across the US. As the closest airport to downtown LA and the major film studios, it is also highly popular with corporate traffic, as well as being a major cargo hub for FedEx and UPS. Aside from trans-continental flights to locations such as Atlanta and Chicago, Burbank will be perfect for your FBW A320 and PMDG 737 ops.
Matteo has completely reworked the original MSFS release with this new version, building on techniques learnt and perfected over the last 18 months. No longer relying on the default textures for the groundpoly, a new one has been created using custom high-quality textures along with realistic elevation profiles. Also new are library objects such as the static aircraft, complete with a Control Panel option to remove.
This comprehensive package has been recreated with great care and incredible attention to detail for all simmers to enjoy. Take flight with Orbx and explore the skies of Tinseltown today.
• Complete ultra-HD rendition of Hollywood Burbank Airport
• Reworked groundpoly using custom textures
• Sloped runways with realistic elevation
• New apron expansion
• Custom modelling throughout, with complete PBR textures
• Unique GSE and static aircraft fleet unique to Burbank
• Custom vegetation, grass and non-airside detailing