[P3Dv4/P3Dv5] - [P3D V4][P3D V5] TFDi Design 717 v1.2.1.0


As with most modern aircraft, autoflight takes a major focus in the everyday operation of the aircraft. If you are familiar with the MD-11, you will feel right at home in this aircraft. Great care has been taken in recreating all AFS modes found in the real aircraft, such as NAV (lateral navigation), PROF (vertical navigation), and VOR tracking mode. In addition, full Takeoff Guidance and Autoland capabilities have been integrated with a complete Autothrottle system and Speed Protection modes.
The electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel, and flight control systems are thoroughly simulated, allowing proper operation of the aircraft in various scenarios. The highly automated nature of many systems on the aircraft give it a straight forward but thorough list of features.
The aircraft flight dynamics are tuned according to published charts and established aeronautical performance information. This includes proper EPR simulation and accurate fuel consumption.
The detailed interior and exterior models, 2K textures (4K exterior textures in P3Dv4 and above), and realistic sounds will capture the feeling of flying a modern airliner.