[MSFS] - i.Simulations – Tutor T.1 v2.2.5


A favourite of the Royal Air Force University Air Squadrons (UAS) and Air Experience Flights (AEF), the Tutor has seen many of the cadets in the UK Air Training Corps experience their first flights and take steps towards becoming flight crew in the Royal Air Force.

Designed to execute pilot screening, elementary flight training (EFT) and aerobatics manoeuvres. The robust landing gear design allowed the aircraft to accomplish harsh training even in the worst climatic conditions.

Able to execute VFR training during day or night and IFR training in non-icing conditions, the spacious cockpit of the Tutor is fitted with two side by side seats for pilot and student, the large glass canopy renders all round clear visibility to the crew. The primary flight controls and switches are integrated to the right side of the cockpit to fly the aircraft with a right hand stick and a left hand throttle, which enables to transit easily to fast jet aircraft.

Overall, the Tutor is a remarkable training aircraft and is a joy to fly for both student and instructor.