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Situated along side the A303, just north of Winchester, Popham Airfield is home to the Spitfire Flying Club.

In the early 1970’s the land alongside the A303 was purchased by Jim Espin, a member of the Hampshire Strut of the Popular Flying Association. With the aid of fellow members of the Strut, the land was cleared, levelled, seeded and transformed into an airstrip. The original strip is now the 26/08 runway of the present airfield. In 1978, the airfield was purchased by Charles Church, an avid collector of Spitfires. A second runway was added and the airfield was expanded to include additional hangers.

Today, Popham Airfield welcomes over 10,000 visitors annually and is famous for hosting many events over the year, including the Microlight trade fair in May, the annual Motorcycle Mega Meet, Classic Car Show and Vintage Aircraft Fly-in in August and the New Year’s Day Fly-in.