[P3Dv5] - Creative Design Studios - Stargazer v1.2.1


Chris Bell and Creative Design Studios Team bringing you the latest Technology and Innovation in Flight Simulations,

Stargazer is our latest project as we push further into enhancing night flight and ambiance, 

looking at the native sim sky looks very dull and boring, once we climb over the clouds overcast at night; we lose the spectacular ground views,

Looking at almost bear naked dark sky is not realistic as the sky at night have their own vivid spectacular views; we are spared the added value of night flying without a proper star map at night, 

this is where Stargazer shows its strength and value as we spread millions of real stars positioned in the night sky based on real world data and time calculations,

in the near future we will publish stars positions that are calculated daily for the best looking sky you will ever get to see in real life or in simulation,

no special configuration or setting are required, compatible with all third party addon including the complete ORBX line,