[MSFS] - Orbx – YBBN Brisbane International Airport v1.1.0


– Added lightmap and dynamic lights to tower exterior
– Added missing windsocks
– Added missing airfield visual elements (ILS bars, DME etc.)
– Added Missing polys on international terminal
– Added Missing parking numbers on International terminal model
– Added aircraft labels to domestic apron
– Added HSBC logos on domestic jetways
– Added fences
– Fixed missing wall rear side of domestic carpark
– Fixed issue with ortho tile alignment
– Fixed geometry errors on international terminal
– Fixed Layering issues with GP markings
– Removed incorrect taxiway lights.
– Removed incorrect QF logo on domestic jetways
– Jetways should now line up with aircraft correctly
– Minor ortho cleanup

Our contemporary version of Brisbane Airport captures the atmosphere and feeling of this busy international airport in the heart of Queensland, Australia!

Serving as the primary international airport in Queensland, over 30 airlines fly to almost 80 destinations from Brisbane to all over Australia, Asia, and the Americas. By far the largest airline at Brisbane Airport is Qantas with a staggering 700 scheduled flights a week.

Brisbane Airport is the work of our experienced team in Havant who have overhauled the airport with a considerable number of updates since our original 2010 release on the ESP platform, effectively rebuilding the airport from scratch. Built using current modelling techniques, Physically Based Rendering (PBR) complements our realistic models with highly detailed textures.

YBBN Brisbane Airport v2 brings the airport to today’s standard with an accurate layout of all taxiways and airport buildings. This includes the new parallel runway (01L/19R) that opened July 2020.