So far this project was the biggest one for us. The scenery includes the Liszt Ferenc LHBP airport in high detail. 

The Liszt Ferenc LHBP airport (former Ferihegy airport) is Hungary's biggest airport, connecting Hungary's capital Budapest with several European destination.

The following changes were done in the Budapest LHBP scenery v1.2:

Improved scenery configurator program (version 1.4)
At uninstall the scenery will be excluded from scenery.cfg
Activation problems in case of Windows Vista now solved
Improved DLL for higher stability
AFCAD file update (Airline codes, Cargo stands, 13L ILS freq.)
Added two firetrucks front of the firestation (Thanks D’Andre)
Few more trees around the firestation
Season changing harmonized with FS default
PAPI lights has been adjusted
Road traffic added at T2 parking, M4 and M0 highway bridges
Few more static cars in TESCO parking

High resolution photobackground covering the airport and the close vincinity of the airport
Seasonal textures of background and custom (no default) vegetation for all 4 seasons
Airport's taxiway/gate/parking stand layout represents accurately the current status
Custom textured taxiways, runways and aprons
Very accurate projection of the taxilines and markings in high resolution
Background (lines, aprons, concrete textures, dirts, roads etc. on the airport) uses as less layer as possible for the best performance
The background have less vertex (polygons) than our LHDC Debrecen airport where there is only one runway and much less parking stands, taxiways
Custom 3D runway edgelights, taxilights, touch down zone lights, approach light poles
Custom light system at the whole airport, no default light system is used, means all lights are there where the real one is
Intensive use of LOD's (Level of detail), farer objects are projected in a simplified detail to reduce the amount of vertex's to be drawned by the GPU
Buildings are accurately modelled with optimized resolution (the resolution may be less than what we usually used in our present sceneries but this is due to the large size and high amount of buildings of the airport to optimize performance)
The inside of the SkyCourt (Main terminal, T2) is modelled (you can see through the window)
Reflection (glass) and bump (normal map or depth map) textures are used in FSX for the best appearence
Custom reflection map is used not the ugly FS default one. Reflection map is used for setting what should be seen in window reflection
"Baked" shadows on the textures so even if you switch off the shadow option in FS you will still see the shadows on the ground and on the buildings which enourmeously increases the realism and less performance is needed for the GPU
During winter the building's roofs will be covered with snow
The aviation museum close to the final of rwy 31L is modelled by Tibor Kókai
Animated road traffic around the airport
AES (Airport Enhancement Services) compatibility (coming soon)
All published approches will be created in the AFCAD file, means all RNAV, ILS, VOR, NDP approaches will be available in the default FS GPS/GNS
Automatic season change for vegatation, photobackground and building's roof
Animated vehicles on the aprons
Completaly automatic installation. If the FS is installed correctly, after the scenery installation it can be used immediately, the scenery will be registered automatically in the scenery library and the dll's will be registered