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[MSFS] Golden Age Simulations – Kinner B–2 Sportwing v0.9.0


Product Description:

The 1935 Sportwing was an improved version of Kinner’s 1932 Sportster model. Jointly designed by Max B. Harlow and Robert Porter, the Sportwing features a two-place open cockpit with side-by-side seating, a tufted leather interior, and doors that swing open much like roadsters of the period. The chrome door handles look like they came off an Auburn Speedster. The instrument panel sports a black crinkle finish with burnished aluminum control levers, in the style of the time.

Although all-metal aircraft were becoming common as the Golden Age progressed, this Sportwing is not all aluminum. It was not built for speed records or racing, so the fuselage, made of welded chrome-moly steel tubing,  and the wings, composed of solid spruce spars with spruce and plywood trusses were fabric-covered, the engine cowling and landing gear fairings made of metal. The fabric covered tail group was built up of welded steel tubing, elevators equipped with adjustable trim tabs. The streamlined dural- aluminum gear fairings and wheel pants, plus a louvered radial engine cowling, give it a Buck Rogers futuristic appearance.  Another feature reminiscent of 1930s’ automobiles is the sharply slanted, split windscreen, with stylishly curved side window panels, mounted in a brushed aluminum frame. Most also sported a large tight fitting NACA-type engine faring with streamlined “blisters” for cylinder head clearance which was eliminated on the last of the series S/N 148 NC 14927 (shown above).  A wooden propellor, Eclipse air operated engine starter, battery, navigation lights, a compass, dual control stick-type controls and throttles, radio shielding, parking brake, wheel brakes, chrome plated exhaust collector, fire extinguisher, two baggage compartments, adjustable seat, first aid kit, and tool kit were standard equipment.  A metal propellor, radio, and coupe-type enclosure were optional.  Our representation of this iconic aircraft is fully animated with tool tips active in the VC cockpit for all animated parts.   It is fully compatible and coded   with Microsoft Flight Simulator native 'Model Behaviors' animations and built to MSFS operational specifications to prevent issues with future simulator upgrades.
Our package includes:

High quality, Fully Native MSFS aircraft
Fully Modeled Detailed 125 hp Kinner B-5 Engine
High Resolution (4096 x 4096) DXT 5 Fully Compliant Native Materials
Fully Animated VC cockpit with VC Cockpit Shadowing and Smooth 3D modeled gauges
Custom Camera Views and Configurations
Volumetric Propeller Textures
High Fidelity Sound Files
Precision Flight Dynamics
User’s Manual

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