F–14 A/B/D Tomcat v1.1.1


Fully native MSFS aircraft:

• All models have been coded with Microsoft Flight Simulator native ‘Model Behaviors’ animations and built to MSFS operational specifications to prevent issues with future simulator upgrades.
• All custom cockpit instruments and screens are coded in HTML for native, high-performance display in MSFS
• The Tomcats make use of the new simulator’s features such as effects and sounds, fully reflective glass, native aerodynamic sound structures, the new ‘Modern’ aerodynamics system with the ability to provoke ‘departure spins’, and customised visibility controls for wheel chocks, covers, tie-down chains and GPU
• The Tomcats also contain custom-built and animated effects such as afterburners
• Full compressor-stall engine modelling and coding for the F-14A TF-30 engines
• Other features include authentic cockpit night lighting with brightness controls, which includes user-operated ‘slime lights’ for combat operations, and custom-coded manoeuvring flaps, slats and intake ramps, all based on aircraft airspeed and angle of attack
• Numerous external animations including canopy, crew ladders, tail hook and control surfaces
• The F-14 Tomcats are fully compliant with Virtual Reality headsets
• Full custom sound sets for both the TF-30-powered F-14A Tomcat and the GE-F110-powered F-14B Tomcat