FreedomFox / Fox2 - FFOX Desert Oasis Airport v1.22.0


– New:
– Analog Variant – Fox 2, all stages, now available as “Analog”
– Competition Variant – Weight reduced and performance tuned Fox2 (analog only)
– CFD Flight Model
– Say goodbye to nose-over landings thanks to new friction parameters on both the ground and braking.
– G3X avionics unit update (for that one guy out there, the plane can now can fly west, south and even east!)
– FFOX updated with new Trent Palmer Hangar
– FFOX updated with new Flow Virtual Keyfob capabilities to open hangar doors and control lights (ch. 1-3)
– Now 33+ Liveries per variant
– //42 Merch Avatars available in the Avatar selection screen
– Added Smoke system to mirror Trent Palmer adding it to the IRL FreedomFox (use smoke binding in-sim)
– GTN units not supported until further notice.