[FS2020] - EGLL Heathrow Airport v3.1.0


– T3 model divided into smaller sections to reduction per-mesh tri count (fix for model not showing on xbox)
– Some tweaking of GSE positions
– Reduced GSE textures
– Incorrectly scale stairs removed
– Various jetway/wing clipping issues
– Missing taxiline on 27L
– C1 checkpoint labelled as D1 on taxi sign
– Wrong/missing Taxiway signs
– Floating geo Stand 311
– GSE building clipping
– Various jetways not dropping low enough to meet a/c door
– Layout modified to prevent departing traffic from joining 09L via AB12 and backtracking. AB12 is now no longer available to AI aircraft.
– Adjusting some markings intensity
– Replaced all frequencies with custom (via chart). Default (non-NG) has tower and ground on the same freq.
– Helipad Lights missing
– Jetways disconnected from terminal – various locations
– Misplaced buildings overlapping parking
– Added lighting to cargo area
– Added spawn parking and full taxi paths to remote parking/maintenance areas
– Added custom lighting to fuel depot near cargo area