[FS2020] - WSSS Singapore Changi Airport v2.0.0


This feature-rich airport is the result of intense development and brings our signature product right up to date. Singapore airport is in the middle of a gigantic real-world infrastructure transformation due to complete in 2030. The airport’s entire mid-field is one gargantuan construction site. The newly opened 4km long 02R/20L runway and an incredible 40km of additional taxiways connecting it with the terminal area are now modelled. WSSS Singapore Changi is an essential transport hub, lying at the very heart of the Far East with an unmatched network of true global reach. The city of Singapore is the economic powerhouse of the South China Sea. It dominates far eastern trade and is the world’s foremost logistical centre. It’s likely that the device you are using right now at one time passed through the city’s port.


Warning: This airport conflicts with CloudSurf Asia Simulations WSSS airport, only use one of the two.

Note: To enable SD textures instead of HD textures, rename the following folders (you can delete the unused one in order to save space):

• imaginesim-airport-wsss-singapore-changi\scenery\global\scenery\texture -> texture.HD
• imaginesim-airport-wsss-singapore-changi\scenery\global\scenery\texture.SD -> texture

Note: To remove various objects on the airport, go to “imaginesim-airport-wsss-singapore-changi\scenery\world\scenery” and rename the following files:

• Remove Vehicles – Terminals: objects-vehicles-terminals.bgl -> objects-vehicles-terminals.bgl.bak
• Remove Vehicles – Cargo Area: objects-vehicles-cargo.bgl -> objects-vehicles-cargo.bgl.bak
• Remove Vehicles – Car Parks: objects-carparks.bgl -> objects-carparks.bgl.bak
• Remove Street Lights: objects-streetlights.bgl -> objects-streetlights.bgl.bak
• Remove Edge Lights: objects-edgelights.bgl -> objects-edgelights.bgl.bak
• Remove Perimeter Fences: objects-fences.bgl -> objects-fences.bgl.bak
• Remove Decorative Plants: objects-plants.bgl -> objects-plants.bgl.bak
• Remove Hangar Aircraft: objects-hangar-aircraft.bgl -> objects-hangar-aircraft.bgl.bak
• Remove Harbour Boats: objects-boats.bgl -> objects-boats.bgl.bak
• Remove Docking Guidance (VDGS): objects-vdgs.bgl -> objects-vdgs.bgl.bak
• Remove Animations: objects-animations.bgl -> objects-animations.bgl.bak
• Remove Passengers (Low Poly): objects-pax.bgl -> objects-pax.bgl.bak