[FS2020] - RAFL B v0.9.4


Warning: This aircraft overrides default MSFS files which could affect other aircraft:

• A320neo instruments
• Aera
• AS1000
• AS3000 (MFD, PFD, Templates, TSC)
• AS3308
• AS3X & AS3X Touch
• AS430 & AS530
• AS5
• FA-18 instruments
• Gear Advisory Alert Manager
• Shared instrument files
• Shared NavSystems files

We recommend to only install/link it if you fly with it, then uninstall/unlink it again.


A french twin-engine delta-wing multirole combat aircraft capable of simultaneously undertaking air supremacy, interdiction, reconnaissance, and the airborne nuclear deterrent missions. An omnirole fighter with semi-stealth capabilities.


• Different weapon configurations (see the Documentation)
• Advanced simulation of avionics systems
• High quality 4k-textures (4096×4096)
• High quality 3D cockpit with 4k-textures
• Exterior Model and Virtual Cockpit are very detailed and animated
• Illustrated user manual in pdf format
• High quality soundset