[FS2020] - Dubai International Airport v1.0.0


Warning: This airport conflicts with Asobo Studio OMDB and FeelThere OMDB airport, only use one of the three (iniBuilds recommended).

Note: To remove various objects on the airport, go to “inibuilds-airport-omdb-dubai\Scenery\airport-omdb-dubai\omdb-scene” and rename the following files:

• Remove General GSE: omdb-scene-gse.bgl -> omdb-scene-gse.disabled
• Remove Terminals – Concourse C interiors: omdb-scene_conc_c_int_clutter.bgl -> omdb-scene_conc_c_int_clutter.disabled
• Remove Terminals – D Gates interiors: omdb-scene_d_gates_int_clutter.bgl -> omdb-scene_d_gates_int_clutter.disabled
• Remove Terminals – People: omdb-scene-people.bgl -> omdb-scene-people.disabled
• Remove Vegetation: omdb-scene-veg.bgl -> omdb-scene-veg.disabled
• Remove Static Aircraft: omdb-scene-statics.bgl -> omdb-scene-statics.disabled


Experience the epitome of world wide aviation connectivity in Dubai, immerse yourself in the pulse of one of the world’s busiest airports, showcasing daily flights from renowned airlines like Emirates, flydubai, British Airways and so many more!

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With meticulous attention to detail, our highly detailed models extend beyond the terminals, offering an immersive experience with intricately designed maintenance hangars, landside areas, lively aprons as well as the various other scenery elements.