[FS2020] - Romantic Wings – Legendary Aircraft Pack 5 – Mil Mi–8 Helicopter v9.25.0


The included Mil Mi-8/17 Rotorcraft has been built to represent its real-world counterpart, as used even today in more than 20 countries, as closely as possible. 


• Twin-turbine helicopter with selectable equipment and cargo in flight 

• Wheel compression integrated 

• Switchable visibility of Bambi bucket and water jettison 

• Weapons only visible if pylons are installed 

• Stretcher and cargo sling load only visible if hoist is installed 

• Opening side door and shell doors 

• Custom views integrated from ALT 0 to ALT 9 (see the screenshots) 

• 11 liveries included (for full list see screenshots or documentation) 

• Autopilot and damping – due to the lack of autopilot functionality in the Microsoft SDK, the damping and autopilot is prepared and will be implemented as soon as Microsoft releases this functionality in the SDK