[FS2020] - //42 – Juice Goose UTV v1.1.0


Designed to tackle a variety of challenging environments, such as rugged terrains, sandy dunes, and remote backcountry trails. The Juice Goose comes in 3 motor variants to cater to your driving style, 13 liveries, and optional vehicle accessories. The package also includes a custom //42 scene at 42GB Goose Bowl, which is a real-world playground for off-road vehicles and 12 terrain-optimized off-road playgrounds.  Juice Goose features Cruise Control, All-Wheel Drive, and Rear-Wheel Drive at the flip of a switch, as well as a Climb Assist mode to tackle steep gradients. Dynamic Steering offers safe control in high-speed turns but can be disengaged for the drifters out there.