[FS2020] - Orbx – YMML Melbourne Airport v1.0.1

 Modelled by our Orbx team led by Sascha Normann, YMML has been meticulously recreated, from the intricacies of the terminals to the sprawling runways and taxiways.  Located to the northwest of Melbourne CBD and a stone’s throw away from Orbx HQ at Essendon Fields, YMML is the second busiest airport in Australia. Taking over from Essendon in 1970 as the main airport for Melbourne, “Tulla” was expanded to 4 terminals with 68 gates in 2023 with just over 40 airlines operating from the airport. It is the gateway to the buzzing and contemporary city of Melbourne.  We are proud to bring our second-home to MSFS, with every detail of the airport being carefully crafted, as it captures the essence of the airport, with precise runway markings, accurately placed signage and faithfully replicated buildings.

To add/remove various objects on the airport, go to “orbx-airport-ymml-melbourne\scenery\orbx-airport-ymml-melbourne” and rename the following files:  
• Remove static apron GSE and vehicles: YMML_airside_GSE.bgl -> YMML_airside_GSE.off 
• Remove yellow concrete barriers throughout airport: YMML_concrete_barriers.bgl -> YMML_concrete_barriers.off 
• Remove animated ground traffic: YMML_ground_traffic.bgl -> YMML_ground_traffic.off 
• Remove some landside simple car parks with generic cars: YMML_landside_carpark_polys.bgl -> YMML_landside_carpark_polys.off 
• Remove landside clutter like containers etc.: YMML_landside_clutter.bgl -> YMML_landside_clutter.off 
• Remove static GSE and vehicles within airport perimeters but not on aprons: YMML_landside_GSE.bgl -> YMML_landside_GSE.off 
• Remove landside parked cars close to terminals and hangars: YMML_landside_vehicles.bgl -> YMML_landside_vehicles.off 
• Add landside parked cars (heavy performance impact, disabled by default): YMML_landside_vehicles_max.off -> YMML_landside_vehicles_max.bgl 
• Remove generic Victoria license plates for many cars and buses: YMML_license_plates.bgl -> YMML_license_plates.off 
• Remove 3D people, mostly inside terminals (heavy performance impact): YMML_people.bgl -> YMML_people.off 
• Remove static aircraft around Melbourne Jetbase: YMML_static_aircraft.bgl -> YMML_static_aircraft.off 
• Remove landside 3D streetlights: YMML_streetlights.bgl -> MML_streetlights.off 
• Remove VDGS docking systems for most gates: YMML_VDGS.bgl -> YMML_VDGS.off