[MSFS] - iniBuilds – KJFK New York John F. Kennedy International Airport v1.0.6


New York-JFK is the main international airport serving New York City, and is the busiest international air passenger gateway to North America. With five active terminals, containing over 130 gates, you will be able to fly airlines (both cargo and commercial) from all across the world to this mega-hub!



To remove various objects on the airport, go to “inibuilds-airport-kjfk-new-york\Scenery\airport-kjfk-newyork\kjfk-scene” and rename the following files:  

• Remove Landside Cars: kjfk-scene-cars.bgl -> kjfk-scene-cars.disabled 

• Remove Ground Clutter: kjfk-scene-gen_clutter.bgl -> kjfk-scene-gen_clutter.disabled 

• Remove Construction Clutter: kjfk-scene-const_clutter.bgl -> kjfk-scene-const_clutter.disabled 

• Remove General GSE: kjfk-scene-gse.bgl -> kjfk-scene-gse.disabled 

• Remove GSE – Snow Equipment: kjfk-scene-gse-snow.bgl -> kjfk-scene-gse-snow.disabled • Remove Terminals – Detailed interiors: kjfk-scene-interior_clutter.bgl -> kjfk-scene-interior_clutter.disabled 

• Remove Terminals – People: kjfk-scene-people.bgl -> kjfk-scene-people.disabled • Remove Vegetation: kjfk-scene-veg.bgl -> kjfk-scene-veg.disabled 

• Remove Animated Airtrain: kjfk-scene-airtrain.bgl -> kjfk-scene-airtrain.disabled 

• Remove Animated JetBlue Hangar: kjfk-scene-jetblue.bgl -> kjfk-scene-jetblue.disabled 

• Remove Static Aircraft: kjfk-scene-statics.bgl -> kjfk-scene-statics.disabled