D̷r̷z̷e̷w̷i̷e̷c̷k̷i̷ ̷D̷e̷s̷i̷g̷n̷ ̷ – EPGD Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport v1.1.0


Info Warning:

 This airport conflicts with FlyDesign EPGD airport, only use one of the two (Drzewiecki Design recommended). Note: To remove various objects on the airport, go to “drzewieckidesign-airport-epgd-gdansk-lech-walesa\scenery\EPGD Gdansk Airport” and rename the following files:  

• Remove Parked Cars: EPGD_Cars.BGL -> EPGD_Cars.BGL.disabled 

• Remove 3D People: EPGD_People.BGL -> EPGD_People.BGL.disabled

• Remove Static VDGS stands (recommended if you use GSX): EPGD_VDGS.BGL -> EPGD_VDGS.BGL.disabled  

Note: To remove static aircraft, go to “drzewieckidesign-airport-epgd-gdansk-lech-walesa\scenery” rename the following files:  

• EPGD_PLC.bgl -> EPGD_PLC.bgl.static 

• EPGD_PLC.bgl.nostatic -> EPGD_PLC.bgl


Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport (IATA: GDN, ICAO: EPGD) is an international airport located 12 km (7.5 mi) northwest of Gdańsk, Poland. Since 2004 the airport has been named after the former Polish president. With around 5 million passengers served annually, it is the 3rd largest airport in Poland, after EPWA and EPKK, in terms of passenger traffic.