UK2000 Scenery – EGLC London City Airport v1.0.1


London City Airport is an international airport located in the East end of London. It was first proposed in 1981 by Reg Ward, a former director of the British Airports Authority. The proposal was initially met with scepticism, as the site was a former dockyard on the River Thames that required extensive redevelopment. However, the project received support from the London Docklands Development Corporation, which saw the airport as a way to stimulate economic growth in the area. Construction began in 1986, and the airport officially opened on November 5, 1987, with a single runway and a small terminal building. In the beginning, the airport was only used by Dash-7 aircraft due to its STOL abilities, but later the BAe146 become its most famous frequent user. The airport initially served only a few routes, including Amsterdam and Paris, but quickly grew in popularity due to its convenient location and fast check-in and security procedures. In 1991, a new terminal building was constructed to accommodate the increasing number of passengers. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, London City Airport continued to expand, with the addition of new airlines and destinations, as well as improvements to the terminal and runway. In 2005, the airport underwent a major redevelopment, which included the construction of a new control tower, extended runway, and a second terminal building.


Warning: This airport conflicts with Orbx EGLC airport, only use one of the two (Orbx recommended). 


 Requires UK2000 Scenery Common Library. 


To remove static aircraft, rename the following files:  

• uk2000scenery-airport-eglc-london-city\scenery\UK2000Scenery\scenery\eglc-airport.bgl -> eglc-airport.bgl.static 

• uk2000scenery-airport-eglc-london-city\scenery\UK2000Scenery\scenery\eglc-airport.bgl.nostatic -> eglc-airport.bgl