Sky4Sim NG Premium v1.6.1.0


Your Microsoft Flight Simulator all-in-one addon 

• Keep your immersion at its higher level  With Sky4Sim Pad you don’t need to minimize your simulator anymore to access any needed resources. From airports information to coms and navaids frequency passing by any PDF you could need during your flight. Everything fits inside Pad to allow you to never press ALT + TAB anymore!  

• Microsoft Flight Simulator Map  Sky4Sim Pad allows you to display multiple Bing Maps layers. You can easily choose what you need when you need it: Satellite, night vision, roads and more. As Microsoft Flight Simulator is based on Bing technology the world around you is the same as the one displayed on Pad’s maps.  Sky4Sim Pad also shows you all airports VOR and NDB available in Microsoft Flight Simulator as well as their detailed information.  

• Customizable Map Filters  Customize the Map Filters to fit your needs. You can either choose to only display airports with hard runways or ILS equipment if you’re a liner pilot. If you feel more on a VFR mood, choose to not display your plane on Map to fly in real VFR conditions.  Do whatever you want to make the Pad suit your needs at all times.