Big Radials – Grumman JRF–6B Goose v1.0.9


The Goose has a very special place in my heart as it was the aircraft that kickstarted my flight sim development. But this Goose is completly new and represents an original older WW2 model of Goose that doesn’t have any have of the many modifications that came later in her life (like electric gears, retracable floats and full radio stacks). Whilst the original G21A Goose was designed to be a glorified water taxi for rich New York businessmen, our version, the JRF-6B Goose was designed as a Navigation Trainer and was also used for Search and Rescue by the USAAF and USCG.  The Goose has been flown all over the world for various missions; passenger transport, remote logistics, air ambulance, search and rescue.  We love amphibous aircraft and the Goose is such a pleasure to fly from either water or tarmac, we can’t wait for you to share where you have flown her.