[MSFS] - Nemeth Designs – Partenavia P68B Victor v1.0.2

 The P.68B Victor is a twin-engine, high-wing cantilever utility monoplane initially produced by Partenavia and then by Vulcanair, both of Italy. The aircraft, which seats a total of six including pilot, took its maiden flight on May 25, 1970 and was introduced in 1974. The aircraft is built primarily of aluminum, with some composite components. It has a sleek, modern design that features a straight main wing, a rectangular horizontal stabilizer, a swept vertical stabilizer, and a fixed tricycle undercarriage. It offers pilots exceptional visibility from the cockpit, has great short-field performance, and has proven exceptionally reliable throughout a range of applications. The aircraft has performed a variety of missions including transport, business, cargo, law enforcement, and military.  The P.68B measures 30 feet, 8 inches in length, stands 12 feet, 3 inches tall, and has a wingspan of 39 feet, 4 inches. It is powered by two wing-mounted Lycoming IO-360 piston engines that each produces 200 horsepower and turns a 2-blade, constant-speed propeller. The Victor has a range of 750 miles, a service ceiling of 18,500 feet above sea level, and climbs at 1,100 feet per minute. It cruises at 187 miles per hour and has a stall speed of 66 mph.