[MSFS] - Drzewiecki Design – EETN Tallinn Airport v1.1.0

 EETN Tallinn MSFS is a highly detailed scenery of EETN Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport in Tallinn, Estonia. This product is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Tallinn Airport (IATA: TLL, ICAO: EETN) or Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport is the largest airport in Estonia and serves as a hub for the national airline Nordica, as well as the secondary hub for AirBaltic and LOT Polish Airlines. Tallinn Airport is open to both domestic and international flights. It is located 2.7 nautical miles (5.0 km; 3.1 mi) southeast of the center of Tallinn on the eastern shore of Lake Ülemiste. It was formerly known as Ülemiste Airport. The most popular scheduled destinations are Frankfurt, Helsinki, Riga, Stockholm, London, and Warsaw.

To remove various objects on the airport, go to “drzewieckidesign-airport-eetn-tallinn\scenery\Tallinn Airport MFS” and rename the following files: 
• Remove Static Aircraft: EETN_STATIC.BGL -> EETN_STATIC.BGL.disabled 
• Remove Parked Cars: EETN_CARS.BGL -> EETN_CARS.BGL.disabled 
• Remove 3D People: EETN_PEOPLE.BGL -> EETN_PEOPLE.BGL.disabled
 • Remove Static VDGS stands (recommended if you use GSX): EETN_VDGS.BGL -> EETN_VDGS.BGL.disabled