[MSFS] - MilViz – Pilatus PC–6 Porter v1.1.7

 We learned a lot making our first aircraft for MSFS2020, and we are determined to make each release stretch the envelope of what is possible within the the base platform limits. Second aircraft for 2020 Building on our experience in MSFS2020 with the FG-1D Corsair, we have managed to bring more features, a deeper immersive experience, and more fun to the Porter.  The accurate and highly detailed 3D model blends delightfully with the visual realism offered by MSFS2020. You can tell we’re proud of it right? But it’s the flight model of which we are especially proud.  Working with real-life Porter pilots has let us get down to the nitty-gritty of perfectly emulated performance. We know you want to do that tricky stuff like beta braked short runway shenanigans as per Air America, or slow diving with skydivers, and the good news is that with the Blackbird Simulations PC6, you can!