[MSFS] - GazSim – UKKM Antonov / Hostomel Airport v1.0.0

 UKKM Antonov-2 (Hostomel) is the Ukrainian home of the Antonov Design Bureau, and the one and only Antonov AN-225. As such this is no typical commercial airport. Antonov-2 is home to some of the most eccentric Antonov aircraft designs and has been a base for transport, special flights and testing since it’s inception!

From the 24th February 2022, the airport was heavily damaged as part of the invasion of Ukraine. The Battle of Hostomel saw the devastation of the hangars and the mighty AN-225, amongst many other historic and current Antonov aircraft parked on the main taxiways. Not to mention nearby areas of Hostomel.

This recreation of UKKM is designed to honour the lives lost at Hostomel Airport and indeed the legacy of the AN-225 and it’s sister craft.

I have painstakingly re-created all of the Antonov Aircraft based at Hostomel Airport (and some that weren’t!). From the high engine mounted AN-74, to the little AN-2 historical workhorse; from the mighty breadth of the AN22 and it’s enchanting navigation windows, to the marvel of engineering that is the AN-225 – all of these craft are a piece of Ukrainian and Antonov history, and you can experience them all now, in Microsoft Flight Simulator!